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Life without a goal is lifeless, All my life i have been practicing, writing so many songs, but i don't have anyone who will sponsor me.all my life i have been a maybach fan and also wish to be one of maybach member. I pray one day am going to be there so that I can join hands with my Rozay,Meek,Wale, Stalley,Omarion,Dj scream and Phill. I will be very happy if wale would one day be my mentor. I believe that making it in maybach is my goal and i will one day achieve it. So to all members of maybach keep it on cause is the untouchable empire. <!--break--> This is for Wale. Pls Wale were ever you are now. look for wiizlilpac cause am your brother and proud to be your brother.

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    I heard a few people are upset about this or dont understand why. This is Rozays choice!!! NOBODY ELSES !!He is not only grown and can do what he wants but, he knows MMG. MMG is a tight family who all looks after each other. Not one time do you hear them knocking each other they ride for each other. To me thats Sophisticated!!! Congrats Omarion.

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