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My name is Marco.I am 19 yrs old Im from the streets of Chicago. I been doin music since the age of 9. When people asked what I wanted 2 do I always replied music n real-estate. I have always dreamed big because we had little. Growin up was ruff also staying with 11 other people was 2. My mom was a single parent providing for 2 boys that became men. She worked her ass of 2 show us that there is a way u just have to believe in grind,and it payed off. I was blessed with music in me . Music was the way I could express my hard times n gud times. Free styling everyday is what I did 2 warm up my skills n it also showed how I was feelin that day. My time is now I have to push my music n kno it's go take that drive. The reason I'm not successful now n music is because I haven't put da rite amount of work in...hmu if u wanna fuk wit a real nigga n a real artist...check my song out on my page #MAGE500 #bestArtist

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    aye y'all check out mi page n listen to mi song... i take feedback negative or positive comments if u want to collab on sum shid hit me up i need a slick ass producer....mixtape comin soon real artwork #realrap #bestArtist

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