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    newspaper special correspondent Chen Hua 'do you remember,ultimate team coins the Shanghai football first derby, who is the coach of the winning team? In 2003, COSCO Shanghai France team coach Leroy. 13 days of the end of the FIFA 14 World Cup finals, the reporter in the Maracana stadium News Center across the Shanghai soccer friends. Reporter from Shanghai, a French television guest Leroy eyes bright, shouting pronounce "hello". Subsequently, he excitedly pulled out a sheet of paper, very smoothly and wrote two Chinese characters: leroy.

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    Xinhua Brasilia July 4th sports special telegram (reporter Leng Tong Zheng Daojin) 4 day victory over Brazil team Columbia team to qualify for the FIFA 14 World Cup semi-final,fut coins but Captain Silva end a total of two yellow cards will be suspended, the core Neymar also because the third vertebrae fracture bid farewell to this FIFA 14 World Cup. For this game, and Neymar is injured, Columbia, Chile, Argentina and other countries the spitting in the tank. A netizen Columbia think, should not expect anyone to suffer bad things.

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