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A big fan of yours from Nigeria


My name is Mary and I started write rap-lyrics one year ago. I've recorded 7 tracks. You can check it on . I'm inspired by Americans' rappers and their music, especially by Meek Mill, T.I., Tory Lanez and by other greatest rappers. But, I live in country, where the government don't care about culture of the future, about hip-hop and others. Only old national music are emboldened here. Although, I'm still chasing my dream

Young Boss

like the biggest boss

VoiceoftheFuture QueenMelaninSound


QueenMelaninSound is a Goddess Sound based in Toronto City on the soundcloud App. #MLEsocialmediapromo® uses #hashtags Eye am a RealDeal Aries QueenMELANINEL, FOLLOW @Blacfyah #global @Rootzkizzy #Toronto @JudgeDaBoss CANT TRUST and @EricBellinger and @Verse Simmonds @DUSTINMICHAEL @ELHAE® “MUSIC is LYFE” and so she began by following her favorite artists. QueenMelaninSound admires songwriter from Los Angeles who, despite his young age, has written for artists Chris Brown, Chipmunk, Greyson Chance, Cali Swag District, and Selena Gomez & The Scene.