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‘Harvest comes from diligent cultivation’ Shijiazhuang Growin Biotech Co., Ltd steady stick to this faith and stay focus on serving the agriculture production and development. Our main products plant growth regulators have been widely used in the agriculture and well recognized by the honest farmers. Seven kinds of them make the crops growing better and better. Gibberellin -- Gibberellic Acid ; Auxin -- Indole-3-butyric Acid ; Cytokinin -- 6- Benzylaminopurine ; Growth Retardators and Inhibitors -- Uniconazole, Abscisic Acid ; Brassinolide ; Triacontanol. The honest farmers work hard in the farm and irrigate the crop with sweat, praying a good harvest. What we do is helping them make this goal come true. We sincerely invite you to join us and let’s hand in hand, following the Belt and Road, witness the farmers happiness smile and agriculture development.

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