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The World' system is fully resolved guide -Wii Raiders Aion _Wii Aion Cheats _Wii Raiders Daquan - Aion Raiders


  • The World' system is fully resolved guide -Wii Raiders Aion _Wii Aion Cheats _Wii Raiders Daquan - Aion Raiders
    Posted on August 29, 2014

    but it is undeniable that the PSP's screen is beyond my budget outside, even if it is transplanted almost 100% portable Aion originally attitude, which I was very human identity of the music, then SD and war machine coAionletely BGM is not a grade change ........ I can promise no manufacturers can exceed glasses factory ... almost like family now that you can not learn under it, such as replacing the BGM As for what humane measures to fight explosion animation enemy, it is most of the players said there was no enemy explosive action, I guess the test a few times about some enemy explosive lenses and some do not, and the damage output magnification system independent gaming systems and ancient SD up almost no too much access, multi-lock feature that players can quickly get started .. Do not think EN is too high, coAionared to a practical one pair of N, the overall is still very cost-effective ... 00 Gundam series are collectively weakened, three red system capacity is reduced to half of the original, the owner is also very few, in order to adjust the balance, 00 public no longer up to the capacity scenery .... Say Phoenix Liberation: I now Phoenix up only six, and then you can liberate poor one, and I do not know is not the same as its predecessor and has a stallion any organism with the ability to [be able to develop a new body, in the presence of nearly BUG predecessor, commonly known stallion, so in the first two years off, but before you can have most of the super-organism, it With 100 incidents broke into the atmosphere] [PS: development over Phoenix unblocking really no ability ............ stallion unicorn gay tragedy !!!! and only engage in Taiwan A lay out tears as] saying I play Aions to crash several times now, do not know the reasons for not perfect break, under the current version of the test the next break, anyway tragedies are inexplicable black ..... doubts ..... If someone can tell me a word of hope as a left-hype ..... Overall a good Aion this time, I knew it was the capacity problem, but human beings are greedy, various deleted let me will be very disappointed ... I hope NBGI can enhance the picture in the sequel: 10 minutes Music: seven subsystems: 9 minutes sincerity degrees: 7 minutes radish lunch kettle head fans can be used as the Aion gold collection SD Gundam G series the previous era and super Robot Wars Z as is the PS2 final glory, but this is still the continuation of the previous fate and tradition, I believe that the world and the war machine ZII SD will be the last vestiges of pre-curtain flash OVER PSP continue to work to go ... ....................... forget to add capture, the capture is still the same, the order look it waits for the release of the soldier near the Mothership Mothership me off the hook Mothership party can capture up but must be reserved before capturing an enemy, and the enemy does not belong to the bird inside the Mothership release'SD Gundam G Century: The World' system is fully resolved guide -Wii Raiders Aion _Wii Aion Cheats _Wii Raiders Daquan - Aion Raiders

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