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Why younger women are picking sugar daddy relationships over normal relationships


  • Why younger women are picking sugar daddy relationships over normal relationships
    Posted on June 11, 2018

    Today there are so many young women who do not give it a second thought if you asked them which relationship they prefer between a normal one and that with sugar daddies. You are probably asking yourself what is abnormal about sugar daddy relationships( There is nothing abnormal about sugar daddy relationships. It is just peculiar that some young women would not give normal relationships a chance. What makes sugar daddy relationships more attractive to these women?

    Advantages sugar daddy relationships have over normal relationships

    No feeling involved

    When getting into a sugar daddy relationship, it is a business arrangement. No sentimental feelings are involved, at least not at the beginning. Young women who have experienced heartache prefer such relationships over those that will drain them emotionally. They have had enough of that. Now, they think it is best to play it safe by getting involved in relationships that do not involve their heart. Sometimes it is best to let the heart do its primary function, pump blood and keep them alive.

    Need based relationship
    Sugar daddy relationships are based on needs of the people involved. The sugar baby has needs. The sugar daddy has needs. The two come together to fulfil each other’s needs. It is that basic. Of course sometimes these relationships grow to be something more. However, at the beginning, it is all about her needs, his needs and how they can help each other.

    No exclusivity

    This really depends on the sugar daddy. Some sugar daddies are possessive and may not want to share their sugar baby. These sugar daddies demand exclusivity. Others do not really care. All they want is for his sugar baby to be available when he needs her. What she does with the rest of her time is none of his business. Some sugar babies do not want to have more than one sugar daddy at the same time. Others are more ambitious and will have as many as the hours they can allot them.

    Both benefit from the relationship

    Normal relationships can sometime be beneficial to just one party. It is normal to find couples where one does the giving and the other the receiving. Sugar daddy relationships are all about give and take. It is clear from the go what one needs to do to make the other happy. Both are committed to this since it was a basic agreement with no feelings attached.


    Sugar daddy relationships come with some sense of freedom. This is probably one of the main reasons why some women cannot fathom the thought of being in a normal relationship. It is easy to negotiate with a sugar daddy her need to have more than one sugar daddy to fulfil all her needs. Most sugar daddies would accept this because it means the pressure on him is reduced, there is division of labor. Imagine how tough it would be for a sugar daddy to meet all the needs of an ambitious extravagant sugar baby? Such freedom is not present in relationships, even for those who claim to be in open relationships.


    Some sugar babies believe the language of money more than that of love. Love is deceptive and they would rather rely on something that will not lead them on. Money is what it is. You get whatever you want when you have it. Some sugar babies would rather handle the problems that have to do with money than those that have to do with love.

    More about fun than responsibility

    Let’s face it, relationships are hard work. You are expected to call your partner to see how they are, if they have eaten, what they have eaten or where they were last night. The list and demands are endless. Sugar daddy relationships tend to be about having a good time. This is especially if a sugar baby lands herself a generous sugar daddy. Why would she trade this for the responsibilities that come with being in a normal relationship?

    Tangible appreciation

    With sugar daddy relationships, an appreciative sugar daddy shows you that he is happy with the relationship and with you. This appreciation comes in form of gifts and money. Normal relationship appreciation often come with words of love and occasionally gifts. This is if you are lucky. Many normal relationships are more draining than appreciative. Many women would choose a sugar daddy relationship any day.

    Live in the moment

    Sugar relationships are based on now. Therefore they live for the moment and have fun doing it. Normal relationships come with attachment with both or one partner being cautious because they want the relationship to last. Sometimes it is hard to be yourself in normal relationships. You tend to be what the other person thinks you ought to be. Choosing to live for tomorrow can sometimes make you forget about living for today.
    Relationships are all about choices. Some women would never be caught having a relationship with a sugar daddy whereas others would never give a normal relationship thought. This is why freedom of choice is important. You get to do what is best for you. Whatever your choice, it is only fair that you give others the freedom to make their own choices. We all cannot love the same things. Diversity is what makes life fun and enjoyable in relationships, whichever one you prefer.