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Where to buy custom beats studio electroplating gold headphones pas cher free shipping


  • Where to buy custom beats studio electroplating gold headphones pas cher free shipping
    Posted on November 11, 2013

    Cikuan Beats Mixr headphones can be said to be a beats by dre thanksgiving very good overall performance headphone products, very balanced overall sound performance to meet the user to listen to pop music needs. The headset uses Bluetooth 2.1 specification, better transmission pairing more easily.And the appearance of the details, this Beats by Dre Mixr products Scalable first beam wider range, able to adapt to most of the user s head, bring them feel comfortable wearing, and the overall use of plastic material manufactured headset, the overall Exterior styling on this one I got the most low-key black and silver color, it is still very professional range of children.Beats by dre Mixr is an entry-level portable listening style headset, has a black and white two colors. Headphones shell is made of brushed metal style panel, the texture is very good, the overall look stylish. Earmuffs part of the headset can be rotated 90 degrees to facilitate single ear monitoring, can be measured to the first beam at folding portable performance is very good. Headphone ear pads with a cortical memory foam design, more comfortable to wear, and around earmuffs color on the inside is different, and easy for users to distinguish wear. This Beats by dre Mixr headphones follow the ergonomic design, the first beam section uses a streamlined design, better fitting head wear, can effectively reduce fatigue wear. Music restore the sound quality of this headset is good, outstanding bass, suitable to carry out listening to music.

    The Mixr included two red headphone cable, one with a quarter inch, 3.5mm headphone cable of the two interfaces, the other one is to have a dedicated phone line for communication microphone. These two lines are from Monster, and anti-winding design. In short, Mixr headphones details of characterization continues the fine tradition Beats overall shape is also very beautiful. B word LOGO red head beam series name, LOGO etching metal head beam, headphone cover headset cover red flat data cable, headset cover metal beam design excellent fashion sense from these details, burst out undoubtedly is a a street weapon, no wonder countless star would like Beats headphones.We are the first to use iPhone 4S to audition, just to wear on the the Mixr of time, a distinct feeling more serious sense chuck. Metal connecting rods use lead to larger inward pressure, but fortunately, the Mixr of earmuffs relatively soft ears feel better. Silent when the phone plays music, the second feeling is the headset good serve, iPhone 4S can drive Mixr. The Mixr of tri-band, gives the deepest impression is low frequency, which is the biggest feature of the Beats headphones. Sense of low volume is enough to fit the strong rhythm of electronic dance music, drum poem The drums have a certain flexibility, low dive depth can hear obvious drumhead resonance.

    The Dre Beats MIxr button located in the left and right side of the housing unit, after wearing the correct way, the two main buttons can just use your thumb to operate, ferrari beats very convenient. The left unit, the upper end of a TF card slot, slot external baffle covering, beautiful and practical superb. Below followed by a reset button, lights and a triple play function keys, it can switch machine, pause play and sound adjust the size of the operation, to adapt after the operation is very convenient.In addition to the weight of the headset, ear pad is also a factor that users are more concerned.The Mixr Beats headphones will be used in high-end leather material ear pads, hollow design ensures comfort and also enhance breathability.In this way, even in the hot summer Users wear Beats Mixr there will not be sweating phenomenon. Headset first beam at the top of the ergonomic design, to match the top curve, will not cause the indenter phenomenon.Beats Mixr headphones targeted at portable listening, it is designed for the young and trendy user convenience portable listening build. Headset has a black and white two colors to choose from, its appearance Total very stylish minimalist sets a layer of transparent plastic shell on the shell of the headset, seem smooth lit, its interior has a product brand logo design is very delicate . Headphones using bilateral wire output, with by-wire microphone, the voice quality is very clear, and provide greater convenience for users of regular voice calls.After evaluation of the appearance, wearing, listening, surely we have this Bets Mixr headphones with a depth of understanding, you can see, this headset different emphases difference between voice style. cyber monday beats We recommend that users bring their own familiar sound source to go to listen at the same time we will be more concerned to answer it.Tsai Chin s song of John Doe in the sound field is very open, obviously layering and sound, musical instruments, female good separation. Mixr in the high-frequency tone look more rigid, the human voice is fresh and clear, strong infection. You will find that the more rich details of the music, including the details of the tooth tones and retroflex, as well as the human voice will be more mellow. Since the Mixr after David Guetta mixer, so I also chose David Guetta album heard about. Sure enough, the electronic dance music Mixr strengths, respond rapidly to the strengthening of the low-frequency and did not cause the boom head sense. The Beats Mixr not just a DJ s headphones, and used to listen to pop music is also very good. My audition song for a long time Wanting songs Mixr performance is very satisfactory, the only thing I m not comfortable headphones chuck more serious, to believe after use, we will issue and I like the feeling.Dre Beats Mixr headphones overall use of single colors to create, the benefits of doing so is to add a lot of natural features for this section, the headset comes with a hidden microphone design, whether it is at home or outdoor use can be naturally clear conversationseffect. beats thanksgiving Headset with a folding design, more convenient to carry around.