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What is Poker Tracking Software?


  • What is Poker Tracking Software?
    Posted on June 08, 2018

    In online poker, out of the millions of players online at peak times, only a very small percentage of players in the actually make profit. Specifically, this number is set at around 5%. In addition, the next 10% manage to break even and the following 85% of online poker players lose money. Hence why online poker has such a bad reputation!

    However, for those serious about wanting to make money in poker, one of the best tools you can purchase is poker tracking software. This is a program which analyses your post-game, breakdowns your strengths and weaknesses, keeps a record of your results and also comes with a HUD (Heads Up Display). Almost every top player I know who earns more than $1,000 per month uses this. There are a number of poker tracking brands currently available, though by far the most popular are Holdem Manager, Poker Office (best online tool of 2009) and Poker Tracker.

    In terms of how it can improve your game, there are a number of ways it does this. Firstly, the post-game analysis lets you view your game at different streets, shows your EV graph (basically how "unlucky" or "lucky" you have been and whether you've been playing properly), and it finds your leaks. By calculating where you make poor decisions, with respect to pot odds - and equity using an inbuilt calculator etc, it significantly improves your game.

    Secondly, the HUD which comes with the package displays overlay statistics on your opponents which helps you breakdown their playing style. By analysing their pre-flop raise percentages, 3bet stats, opening-raises and aggression statistics, you can narrow down their hand range and make more profitable decisions at each street. As an example, if a player has a low VPIP% of say 10%, it means they are playing extremely tight and only raising pre-flop with premium hands such as 1010+, AJ+. If you are you looking for more information in regards to read this article - look at our website. This tool is particularly helpful for multi-tablers where it fills in many of the gaps from a lack of concentration on each table.