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Ut15coins:FIFA 15 Teammate Intelligence


  • Ut15coins:FIFA 15 Teammate Intelligence
    Posted on August 07, 2014

    It is already August, the day of FIFA 15 Coins launch is near. The announcement for FIFA 15

    could not have been better for EA SPORTS. With the World Cup hangover, FIFA 15 will

    make fans of the franchise all the more excited about the upcoming game.

    The release of FIFA 15 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Windows PC on September 25 is

    expected to be a huge game changer, as EA SPORTS has built an emotional intelligence

    feature in this version.

    EA SPORTS producer Aaron McHardy explained the new feature saying it gives the game a

    more organic feel and the deploy FIFA’s cameras and commentary to observe and present

    that. He went a further explanation: “ That way, the presentation will at minimum, be

    less repetitive, a goal of any sports video game that replicates a broadcast. Players

    won’t be the only ones showing emotion. Supporters will behave distinctly as well,

    with commentators remarking on that.”

    When your striker pounds in the deciding score late in the match, FIFA 15 will serve up

    dogpile celebrations involving all but the goalkeeper. Everyone will be emotionally

    invested in the matches.

    However, EA SPORTS has pretty much perfected the game franchise’s mechanics. And this

    is the reason why the game developer is concentrating on the emotions of the players,

    fans, as well as commentators in the game. As a fact, a video exists that explains the

    manner in which EA Sports is planning to move ahead with its latest feature.

    The 22 players on the pitch will have different attitudes, as well as demeanors towards

    one another.

    In a word, FIFA 15 PS4

    , what has been perfected, is the long-anticipated version by FIFA

    fans. It will be pretty loved by them. And now we can countdown for the release day.