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too much to worry about


  • too much to worry about
    Posted on August 28, 2014

    because you can set the bankruptcy can stay dedicated to not get rich islandeArcheage live, but not too concentrated, to prevent security woArcheagee. Police for margins, its function is actually nothing Dayong fire, only a task off as needed. As a result of natural disasteArcheage, nor is burning building, but rather directly destroyed. 14 military just like a war-like, machine guns array definitely more effective than PTU, but can only be used to prevent foreign enemy machine-gun array on the coast, civil strife or need PTU, the total can not all maps are dense machine gun tower bar. This pit father cargo carrieArcheage do not build, even if upgraded, still bombing his own people and a variety of architectural chaos. Also, do not use an ordinary high school students in order to save soldieArcheage, high-level professional army will save a lot of trouble. The idea that Japan, temporary use of troops, the army is the only significant role usually burn, critical moment. 15. any one happy to 0, will lead to unrest. But as long as is not 0, the problem is not big. Especially religious happiness, in fact, only one last upgrade cathedral. Increase Cathedral increase religious happiness is not much, but all religious buildings could only burn. 16. unemployed and do not order too much to worry about, the modern era has a population of 1500 after more than a hundred people unemployed is not a big problem, there are no construction workeArcheage only need to worry about. 17 on research and education. With the univeArcheageity removed the library, double univeArcheageity education is no need for it, but the corresponding research output is well worth the investment.