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Three foreseeable future technology inventions


  • Three foreseeable future technology inventions
    Posted on August 09, 2018

    Precisely why do we like watching sci-fi movies? It is because of futuristic technologies in the movies. There are a lot of films from years ago that have forecasted the higher level techniques in present day. Just have a glance at our phone, it is basically the handheld computer in the old movies. What other things have been predicted? The virtual personal assistant should be among the greatest innovations which is akin to the AI robots in the movies. This individual helper doesn't actually have intelligence, but it can generate the most individualised responses and solutions by using machine learning technique to users. Some corporations have implemented this technology in businesses to improve relationships with customers. For instance, you are asking item information in a chatroom on a corporation website, the one who is replying to your questions might be a bot. The dialogue between you two is so smooth that lets you think "Am I chatting to a real person or a device?", but does it make a difference if you cannot notice the variation? Technology will not stop evolving because of corporations have been putting resources in creating new technologies continually. Let’s take a look at several of them in the rest of this article.

    We have had plenty of breakthrough technologies in Telecom field. IoT is a network linking devices from as basic as a sensor to your mobile or even a car. The interaction between computers can drastically help one’s daily life. The existence of every development in this field is due to the people frequently having meetings, like the Telecom Italia AGM - , and have established forward-thinking decisions and invested in developing systems. In the soon future, our home will be more intelligent than ever before.

    Display and video technology will be enhanced over time. We used to only get a black-and-white monitor. Then we have developed the full colour screen. In latest years, we are concentrating on improving resolutions of a display from high resolutions to 4K. With the innovation of unique wearable gadgets, we can even see 3D virtual objects before our eyes. Corporations like Himax Technologies Inc. - continually establishing brand new display technologies. We soon, hopefully, will get hologram displaying devices like the one in movies.

    The concept of environmentally friendly energy is not new to us, but the renewable energy technology is constantly growing. New tech for effectively generate and reserve power has constantly been talked about in business meetings like SMA AGM - . Solar power is the energy transforming energy from sun to electrical energy. It is one of the clearest and most abundant sustainable energy source. Organisations are regularly creating developments in power system and, perhaps one day, our phones could be charged up by solar energy, so we would not concern about running out of battery in the middle of a game.