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Shipping container houses can be extremely affordable


  • Shipping container houses can be extremely affordable
    Posted on April 01, 2016

    Anyone in the [url=]Mobile Toilet[/url] market for affordable, eco and sustainable living friendly, inexpensive, innovative, moveable shelters has come across some information about the prefabricated shipping container homes. The business opportunity that lies in this potentially booming market is remarkable.

    Container homes are becoming a popular alternative for home builders wanting something different. They are cheap, easy to build and have many eco-friendly benefits. For many excited architects and builders shipping containers are providing a new form of architecture, where containers can be used as building blocks and structural elements for houses, offices and even cities.

    Shipping container houses can be extremely affordable. Transportation is never an issue with all of the flat bed tilt trucks and cranes available. Plus, they are able to stack high vertically and survive the most horrendous weather conditions that may come our way. It does seem as if our worldwide weather is getting worse every coming year.

    But why shipping containers really make sense for building construction, is that they are an inherently standard, portable perfect module. So what's so great about that? Lets start by taking a step back and looking at modular construction. Modern modular construction was born after World War II when factories sought to retool assembly lines to manufacture peace time products instead of armaments. The biggest single expense in conventional (site built) building construction was (and still is) labor. The precarious nature of building sites and uncertainty of weather and time delays, compound this expense. Add to the mix poor quality control. Modern modular construction sought to alleviate these issues by bringing the majority of a home's construction into a controlled, factory environment. The dissection and reduction of homes and buildings into component modules transportable to sites via highway, waterway, air, or rail began.

    Whether a motivated potential homeowner or a contractor looking for a great new business opportunity, look into prefabricated shipping container homes, you might just be on the wave of a future [url=]expandable house[/url] solution.