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A Paint Of Luxury


  • A Paint Of Luxury
    Posted on May 08, 2018

    La Piet Perduta is the new book by Mr. Forcellino where he outlines his research to ascertain if the painting owned by Lt.

    Col Kober was really a piece of work by the master Michelangelo. His research finally concludes that the painting is an original work by the master. The unfinished painting was for years stuffed behind a sofa in the house of the Kober family.
    A similar Michelangelo work is hanging in a prestigious museum is worth up to $300 million. Lieutenant Colonel Martin Kober in 2003 after his retirement from the US Air Force became conscious that the bundle behind the couch might one day become the most important art find of the century.

    He contacted auction houses, art historians and then visited a leading expert on Michelangelo in Italy, Antonio Forcellino.
    While talking to the New York Post Forcellino said that he was totally convinced that it is a Michelangelo painting and eventually he said that this painting was even more beautiful than the versions hanging in Rome and Florence.
    The most recent example was witnessed in Korea. Auction house Seoul Auction sold Bestiaire et Musique, a 1969 oil painting typical of Chagalls whimsical style, to an unidentified Asian buyer. The auctioneers claimed that it fetched a record price for the Asian art markets.

    If you have any concerns with regards to exactly where and how to use 愛彼 - , you can get hold of us at our site. The Chagall painting is depicting a bride and a fiddler floating in a night sky amid circus performers and animals was the star lot at Seoul Auctions Monday sale. The auction coincides with auctioneers Sothebys biannual Asian sales in Hong Kong, considered a barometer for the Asian art market, and which will see over $200 million worth of Chinese and Asian art, jewelry, wine and watches up for sale this week.

    The prices in the Asian art markets are definitely going up but are still modest compared with the millions bid for Impressionist and 20th Century Western masterpieces in London and New York. While the Impressionist and Modern art market has long been dominated by Western collectors a burgeoning crop of Asian art fairs have also raised the profile of Western art among Asians.

    A large canvas with a unique watch is painted on it really makes a wonderful statement about how much you love and appreciate watches at large.

    Watches are basically gadgets and have evolved into various kinds of watches but the often have intense artistic characteristics. Many a times designer have created watches that are really a piece of art. The tradition of painting watches is not something new but recently the works of Didier Valle has caught the attention of watch lovers.
    He is a French painter who lives in Bordeaux and works with acrylic particularly if he is painting some of the worlds most famous timepieces.

    Didier opts for realism in his tasteful timepiece reproductions. He makes them in various sizes depending on the subject. His original watch paintings sell in the range of $3,025 and $4,737. He has also released a poster version also that sells for $46.