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Older women vs younger women: why dating a cougar is the right way to go for some men


  • Older women vs younger women: why dating a cougar is the right way to go for some men
    Posted on June 27, 2018

    If you visit a dating website, you will definitely see lots of different sections on different types of women available for dating. These women know exactly what they want and they are willing to have a chat with anyone they are interested in. From matured to young and from blond to brunet, you will certainly meet the ideal woman you would love to flirt with.
    While some individuals prefer dating younger women, others are just in love with older women because of their show of maturity. Some men would rather date a cougar than spending time with teenagers or younger women. This is because, to these men, they can’t get enough satisfaction from younger women who may not have anything to offer in the relationship. What are other reasons why men prefer dating older women than younger ones? Let’s read on to find out.

    Peace of mind

    One of the worst things most men hate is to be in a relationship where the woman always acts like a sissy. Obviously, this is seen mostly in younger women. It can lead to problems in a relationship. Most cougars are more understandable and they do a lot to encourage their men. They understand that most men crave for peace of mind in a relationship. Cougars are prepared to give you the best treatment, knowing that you may leave them if they don’t do so.

    Financial balance

    Some men love dating younger women because of the financial support they get. Let’s face it, everyone needs money. If a man sees they can’t get that money from younger women they move over to cougars because those would have been working for a long time. Sometimes the man may only need the woman to be financially free, without budging them for needs. In this case, they settle for cougars who will not be so demanding. Finance is definitely part of the reasons why a man would want to date an older woman not necessarily because the man is lacking in that aspect, but because they are looking for a financially independent woman.


    Cougars are highly experienced women when it comes to sex and romance. They understand what their men want in bed and how to satisfy them. If you ask a man dating a cougar for his reasons, this will most definitely be top on the list. Older women understand the physical needs of a man than younger women do. They have seen everything as they have been dating for a longer time. Although this may not be true in every situation, but most cougars are romantically and sexually more experienced than younger women. That’s a fact.


    Although this reason might not be one of the strongest points for dating a cougar, a fraction of men still feel attraction is one of the reasons why they are dating them. Some cougars are actually very sexy because they know what their body needs and how to keep the best shape. And it’s certainly true that some cougars are sexually more attractive to men than some younger girls. It all boils down to their desire to live healthily with lots of exercise and good food. Moreover, men love women who can take care of themselves when it comes to keeping the body fit and attractive. There are some more attractive looking cougars than some other younger women, so sexual attraction is definitely one of the reasons why men love dating cougars.

    Yes, love actually exists between cougars and younger guys. It may not be very common but there are few relationships between young men and older women strictly built on love. And that’s actually a good thing. If love is the reason for the relationship, it seems to last longer than other unions based on other reasons. There have been lots of relationships between these two where the love is very strong. There are so many reasons why a cougar and her man will love each other in a relationship. They can get connected in a certain way that their lifestyles actually suit each other. They might share passion for few things and have some things in common. The reasons are numerous. But remember that some of the couples in this kind of relationship can fall in love with each other and share passionate moments together.

    Final Words

    There are certainly differences between older women and younger women when it comes to relationship matters. While younger women may have a younger physical appearance and attributes, cougars on the other hand have it all in terms of experience, independence, and financial status. Men dating cougars have this in mind and some of them are very satisfied with their relationship. If you are looking for a passionate and attractive cougar for date, you will certainly have loads of options. There are quite a good number of dating sites who advertise cougars interested in men. But you should be careful not to fall into the hands of a scammer because some of these sites are just scams. When looking for a cougar search online and find out sites with great reviews and reputation online. Those with a large user-base are more trusted because they have been online for a long time. You can also click here for more information on cougars and where to get them.