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The moment you get near the body


  • The moment you get near the body
    Posted on July 20, 2015

    that's key to making this trend palatable--game developers must create Neverwinter games that reward Neverwinter players for hooking their consoles up to the Internet, without punishing them for going offline. The Evil Within aims to make horror Neverwinter games scary again. LOS ANGELES--Bethesda wants to bring the survival horror genre of Neverwinter games back to its roots. The company's upcoming title, The Evil Within, places you in a nightmarish world with little hope for escape.The game begins as you investigate a mass murder at the local mental asylum--you're suddenly attacked by a supernatural force. The next thing you know, you're hanging upside down in a cluster of corpses while your monstrous captor slices and dices some of his previous captives.This is definitely not a place you want to be.The game's director, Shinji Mikami, told E3 attendees that he's trying to create a terrifying game while criticizing mainstream horror titles as being "too easy."With The Evil Within, Mikami focused on the tropes that made early horror titles successful: Levels are made to feel claustrophobic, most enemies can kill you with one hit, and weapons are far and few between.These elements add to the feeling of helpless you get in the game, as you have to sneak past most of the enemies you encounter in order to make it out of an area alive.For instance, early in the game, you have a damaged leg and no means to defend yourself. You get chased by a madman with a chainsaw, and your injury will make your character hobble around at a turtle's pace.There's some room to maneuver around the wannabe Leather Face, but you actually need the psycho to follow you in order to open up new areas. It's absolutely terrifying to get within inches of your enemies, knowing full well that they could kill you in an instant.Though most of the enemies in the game appeared to be humanoids, there were a few that gave even me the chills.In one scene later on in the game, you walk down a long corridor with a room at the end. As you approach the room, you notice that it's empty save for a single table with a body on it. The moment you get near the body, several pale arms erupt from its torso, and this monstrous pile of claws and arms skitters towards you. Can you say, "Creepy?"If [url=]cheap nw gold[/url] you're a fan of horror Neverwinter games, you should be looking forward to The Evil Within. The game offers up a lot of what's been missing from recent survival horror titles and looks genuinely spooky. The game will be available sometime in 2014 for the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Sony drops the mic: PS4 to cost $400, no used game restrictions. On Monday night, the hammer fell. Here at E3 2013, Sony took the stage hours after an admittedly impressive Microsoft presentation, looked directly into its competitor's eyes, and reminded us all of the PlayStation's vaunted heritage.You want Neverwinter games? You got 'em: Over 140 Neverwinter games are in development for the PlayStation, 40 of them PlayStation exclusives.