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Major Concrete Types


  • Major Concrete Types
    Posted on May 02, 2017

    The usage of Concrete products Bathurst is rampant nowadays and as days pass more types of Concrete products Bathurst are being produced. In this short discourse we will broadly see some of the major types of concrete that are available in the market nowadays. The types are discussed in the paragraphs below.
    Types of Concrete
    The types of concrete as mentioned are many and each of these types have their own different application. Some of the major concrete types are as follows
    Regular Concrete
    The regular concrete basically consists of sand along with other aggregates. The concrete has the ability to bear pressures within 1450 psi and 5800 psi. The concrete is ideal for applications that are light duty in nature. Most of the modern driveways are constructed via regular concrete.
    Stamped Concrete
    Stamped Concrete can be termed as a type of concrete that is architectural in nature. The textured finish of the concrete serves as its main strength. The concrete can be made to resemble just like a stone wood, brick or tile. The landscape architects usually prefer this kind of concrete as it is very conducive for outdoor remodeling projects.
    High Performance Concrete
    The high performance concrete is also sometimes referred to as HPC. The concrete is very robust and can be used with utmost ease. The concrete supports compaction and that too without segregation. The main strengths of the concrete include things like its density and high permeability. The concrete is ideal for harsh and severe weather conditions.
    Concrete is very essential for various applications such as garden paths and driveways. It can also be utilized for landscape design and garden related tasks as well. The types of concrete mentioned in this article can be found with ease from your local market.
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