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Looking For the Ideal Stainless Steel Wine Cooler?


  • Looking For the Ideal Stainless Steel Wine Cooler?
    Posted on August 13, 2018

    Many modern kitchens today feature beautiful stainless professional appliances - but finding a stainless steel tumblers - wine cooler is quite a feat. Most coolers have a glass front that may not complement your kitchen's style. One option would be to special order an under counter wine refrigerator, but that can be quite cost prohibitive and may not offer all the features you want in a wine cooler - .

    With typical wine refrigerators, you do not have options for optimally storing opened wine bottles. Since wine oxidizes when exposed to air, storing partially - used bottles is quite challenging. Opened bottles of wine can begin to spoil within hours unless stored with a specially designed wine preservation system.

    Pek Preservation Systems - offers a unique solution to homeowners desiring a stainless steel wine cooler with features to perfectly preserve and chill their wine. Praised by such media as Bon Appetit Magazine and Time Magazine, Pek wine refrigerators are both stylish and innovative.

    Pek offers two choices of home coolers. The VinoVault Professional features an elegant look with European styling which will look great in any kitchen. This wine refrigerator will hold 16 bottles held on wooden slide-out shelves.

    Best of all, the great looks of the VinoVault Professional is further enhanced by a built-in wine preservation system that will allow storage of opened wine bottles. The wine cooler comes equipped with two professional wine stoppers with click and pour technology.

    This top-rated wine refrigerator is perfect for those who seek an eco-friendly option. Utilizing heat pipe technology, VinoVaults are ten times more efficient than regular wine coolers. This technology combined with ultra quiet operations makes it a top-rated wine refrigerator.

    Pek offers a smaller stainless steel cooler, the VinoVault, which is similar to the Professional model. It features space to perfectly chill 14 bottles on chrome slide-out shelves. It also offers the built-in wine preservation system for opened wine bottles.

    Vino Vaults are perfect for those people who enjoy wine by the glass or for storing leftover wine after a casual dinner. Customer testimonials for these wine cooler preservation systems are quite positive, mostly focusing on the fact that that open wine bottles remain fresh.

    Your investment - in a Pek Vino Vault will reward you with an eco-friendly stainless steel wine cooler as well as its unique built-in wine preservation system. Collecting and enjoying fine wine is certainly more pleasurable when your wine stays fresh and perfectly chilled!