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Let us review the trends in advertising industry


  • Let us review the trends in advertising industry
    Posted on August 15, 2018

    How is the ad landscape changing currently? Advertising is an important industry that’s the first step toward revenue models for numerous different significant businesses. Just look into print media and its slow decline as a consequence of better demand for digital advertising strategies. As an industry that's so large and significant on its own, it’s worthwhile to consider how it's also one that is ceaselessly changing together with the industries that it sustains and with digital changes. It’s curious to see what this year provides in trends and what we could look forward to. As a result we decided to be a bit proactive and take a look to see what interesting things we can discover. This effort has culminated in our producing this brief guide on the major trends simply for you. You'll find out what the three most essential trends to know are currently in the print and digital advertising landscape 2018.

    One thing to bear in mind is how crucial traditional media will remain important to advertisers and ad firms. Mobile and digital advertising has expanded phenomenally for sure, and yes we have seen a decline in magazine and newspaper advertising but traditional advertising doesn’t end at these two mediums. Advertising in 2018 is also radio, cinema, outdoor and television which have all witnessed decent growth. Ultimately, the industry is not a zero sum game where one medium has to fall for another to grow and we’ll see growth across a diversified share over time probably. Michael Del Gigante - may be in agreement here.

    Audience based advertising is set to be the key term for this year as part of emerging trends in advertising industry. We are getting to the point where the focus is no longer on segmenting groups only by gender and age, which granted isn’t an outstanding way to reach potential customers today. Audience based - advertising at heart is far more focused on reaching target audiences with much less waste (quite simply not reaching uninterested audiences). This is going to continue being extremely central to the ad sector, so it will definitely not be astonishing if it is a hot topic for the likes of Loris Nold among other leaders in the industry.

    As you may possibly envision, mobile is progressively more the way to go in the digital age. We will guess that there's a non-zero chance that you’re reading this very article on your cell. We will also predict that before reading this piece and possibly after reading this article you’ll encounter some form of advertising, whether it's in a freemium game, in your social media feed or what have you. The point we're trying to make is that mobile is the top platform to look to and its expected to keep growing in the future as well. We would not be surprised if industry veterans such as for example Vincent Bolloré - are focusing on mobile at present.