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    Posted on September 04, 2014

    We received some incredibly sweet gifts after Archer was born. Some of them (here’s looking at you, cashmere) were too sweet for my normal laundry routine. As a family of 5, however, there isn’t time for me to hand-wash and care for each garment as the “care for” tags may suggest. The Laundress steps in and saves moms (and many others) like me who find special clothing care rather daunting.

    I’ve used the Wool & Cashmere Shampoo on multiple occasions now, and it’s a life saver. Not only can baby A actually wear the adorable gifts… he can wear them again. And again. Used for both hand and machine washing, this shampoo is safe for these materials. With a cedar scent, you can easily store or wear the pieces you wash. Plus, it saves on your dry cleaning bill!

    Their lovely Stain Solution easily removes all stains baby related (and mama related…it even tackles red wine.) Compatible with all detergents from The Laundress, this solution is enzyme based and perfect for attacking tough stains. Additionally, it’s unscented, instead of over-scented as so many laundry products are.

    The Laundress seeks to care for your entire home. From candles to linens (even monograming), there products design to enhance your home. And they want to make your life a little easier, as well. The Laundress will do your laundry. You read right: using the same products that they offer on their site, you can send your garments in and they will professionally clean them. As a mom who happily admits that I simply cannot do it all, I just love this idea!

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