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the last boat in the where the third pass


  • the last boat in the where the third pass
    Posted on August 21, 2014

    the last boat in the where the third pass: SAHARA skeleton 1: Start climbing part not collected after the weather becomes very hot, moving between the shade, you can find one with a camel in the middle of the road skeleton Heritage: The fiarcheaget skeleton near the right front of cliff One Antiquities trees below, add water after the playearcheage get the rest in a small pond at Heritage 2: Sandstorm hide in dead animals in the country, after the fiarcheaget not to move forward a little bit to go in the opposite direction can be found in a archeage gold Cup World War 1: After receiving the cup right in front of the dunes point of view, there remains a skeleton of an airplane 2: Press the ball of light direction, pay attention to the road on the left there is a camel skeleton World War 2: not far ahead, not to the point where camping, Note that the left side of the road, a tree can be found ** shells skeleton 3: Second manually detonated mines, the apparent position in the middle of the road there is a skeleton Heritage 3: Not far from there is a skeleton in front of the bottle, the same obvious World War 3: Again detonated mines, to reach the point of view to the right of the mound after the photosphere, where the wreckage of a ** Heritage 4: or detonate mines, archeage power leveling after which the following can be found in front of the stone walls of a sword WWII 4: After the automatic archiving forward , saw a light around a tree each ball, the ball of light in the middle of the two positions can be found in the skeleton out of the air defense artillery 4: swim through swamps, in front of the ball of light with a skeleton side of World War II 5: the last one with skeleton right to explore, you can find the wreckage ** @ @ @ Fourth off: DESERTED ISLAND garbage 1: Over the fiarcheaget light after the ball on the left point on the ground in front of Zhuoxie can find the wreckage of a fiarcheaget garbage: not far away There is a place where the wreckage of the aircraft tail lay 2: to refuse to whichever direction the aircraft tail, right around 90% trot, and then move along the coast, can be found nearby at the end of a propeller (in fact, the right-most coastline ) Garbage 2: After over two single-plank bridge, in the left corner to find a skate garbage 3: After QTE Gordon wall jump, there is a point in front of you can climb up to the wreckage of a cooler on the top of a small platform 3: After repeatedly climbing to reach the automatic archiving point, after walking the branch on the right, you can find a landing gear junk 4: lava cave, after steam injection passed several single-plank bridge, turn right into a tunnel, at the end there is water, but also There is a courier parcel wreckage 4: After the lava cave by light ball direction, pay attention to the road left of the wreckage of the aircraft fuselage, the more obvious junk 5: Do not forward according to the fiarcheaget ball of light direction and move forward on the right side, you will see a trees can be shot down with a slingshot fruit tree, or affixed to the right ahead of him for some, the search of the second tree trees so the ground below the tree there, and the last one is a volleyball garbage wreckage 5: After camping run along the coast, the wing wreckage Fifth position on the beach was closed: PATAGONIA garbage 1: After landing go along the right, you can find a barrel worm 1: After the ice wall to climb, you will see the top of a bunch of icicles hanging from the cave about each survey right side icicles to insects 2: Continuous climb to the open area in front of close to two endure light ball on the ground as well as animal footprints, insects next to the footprints that junk 2: encountered an avalanche slid down from the upper after the fiarcheaget not to move forward, a little to the opposite direction, at the bottom of the cliff you can find a trash barrel 3: Skip the ice or swim across the region on the need to climb up to the platform, there is a ball of light, garbage in the photosphere position, do not miss the insects 3: After entering the cave has been walking along the left, turn left rear 2nd floor prompt attention