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Inmate Database North Las Vegas Jail


  • Inmate Database North Las Vegas Jail
    Posted on July 10, 2018

    Inmate Database North Las Vegas Jail -


    Call for your North Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search. Find anyone in the North Las Vegas Jail or ask to be about the inmate watch listing for notifying you if the individual you're trying to find is finally in the system.

    Call 702-608-2245

    You can utilize this search to locate current inmates that has completed the booking process. The booking process can take around four hours along with the inmate will not show in the search results until this is completed. The quickest way to search for any inmate in the North Las Vegas Jail is to phone us at the number above. Our friendly staff will locate the inmate You're Looking for and also be able to provide you with:

    - Bail advice: Exactly what it cost to get them out of jail now.
    - Fees: What offense are they accused of.
    - Next court date: When they'll see the judge


    The North Las Vegas Jail has closed down due to funding restraints in the middle of 2012. Virtually all correctional officers were laid off along with a few where reassigned to other Jails. All people that get arrested in North Las Vegas will be held in the Las Vegas Jail or the Clark County Jail.

    Here you will find more information about the two local jails. The largest local centre is the Clark County Jail

    This is the Largest Jail and you can find it at:

    330 South Casino Center
    Las Vegas, NV 89101

    The big buildings and imposing towers span over an whole city block directly behind the Golden Nugget Casino. With that said, the main lobby is open 24 hours a day. However, the bond posting window will close every day from midnight till 8 in the morning. If you want to get someone out of the Clark County Jail, you must post bail before midnight.

    You can play a Clark County Jail Inmate search by using our Inmate Search Database. Please note that the booking procedure can take up to four hours. The inmate will need to finish the booking process, or they will not show up in the system.

    If you need to find an Inmate at the moment, please call us. . Our friendly staff will find them and be in a position to provide bail info, charges and next courtroom.

    North Las Vegas Jail Inmate Database -