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Indian Railways - The Pride of India


  • Indian Railways - The Pride of India
    Posted on August 14, 2018

    Indian Railways and IRCTC share an important pattern inside the central government machinery. Since its launch in 1857, IRCTC has been Indian Railways' best service ever produced. Operating between 7100 stations with more than 61,000 coaches, Indian trains is the 4th largest rail network in the world. IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited) came into online operations when the online trend was gaining momentum. It is the marketing portion of the Indian Railways and both are working together to bring reforms to organizational performance.

    Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, DMRC, is an integral part of Indian Rail and it was launched in 1995. The latest achievement of DMRC is the successful completion of Delhi Metro rail lines before Commonwealth Games. Certainly, Delhi Metro is an example of flawless technology and perseverance. Like IRCTC, Delhi Metro has brought laurels to Indian Railways.

    If you visit the IRCTC website, you will come across holiday offers, hotel bookings and rail packages too. Prior to IRCTC, railway booking was done through ticket counters at railway stations or any some public service offices. But, with the advent of IRCTC, railway booking can be done online and it has become a painless affair. You can get etickets at this site. Students traveling on etickets should carry Identity Card with photograph issued - by recognized School /College. Other passengers should carry a Nationalised Bank Passbook with photograph. This was put to effect from 15 June 2010.

    Railway booking can be done virtually for any class. From AC coaches to disability support, everything can be booked online at IRCTC. There is an extensive feedback machinery setup by Indian Railways in order to generate general public opinion about all Indian Rail operations, including IRCTC. Such endeavors help the govt. organization stay abreast with public demand - and expectations. Till date, Indian train has made major developments such as Delhi Metro, building new stations, executing better reforms, IRCTC and disability support services, which helps billions of passengers on a daily basis travel at ease. Hope, 'the pride of India' touches greater heights in future.

    Visiting destinations by train is always fun. Right from the departure to arrival, you will enjoy myriad experiences; the diverse sceneries as you pass by are no doubt a feast for the eyes. IRCTC of Indian Railways always innovates, introducing passenger-advantageous packages from time to time.

    Are you aware of the fact that the IRCTC portal of Indian Rail - is the largest and fastest growing e-commerce website in the Asia-Pacific region? Well, there are lakhs of users who do their railway booking online. If you liked this article and you simply would like to be given more info pertaining to train Timings - kindly visit the page. No wonder IRCTC has been honored with a number of awards till date because of its contribution to the travelers' community at large.