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I was in the mail more than six years.


  • I was in the mail more than six years.
    Posted on August 18, 2015

    Here's what I do not understand: why the new wealth coming from Sheffield Wednesday to Charlton or bad? Wednesday - Part Sheffield came later - was founded in 1867 and was one of the founding members of the Alliance for football, the Football League rivals to the initial rate. They, Manchester United prehistoric Newton Heath, for example, for over a decade. Charlton was able to draw more than 75,000 for the FA Cup match against Aston Villa in 1938, these clubs have their own history and origins. Why does it have to be shut out forever, because in a moment, form the current six elite top? I think people take joy in this, in their small clubs with ambition despise - such as Jack Walker at Blackburn - sexy totally disgusting. And more than a joke, or support the team in the final leg football - is all that is wrong with modern football and the increase in gang elite, without concern for scholarship or best now is rest.Manchester City Patrick Vieira. Japhe, Nairobi.He bet, Japhe - but I'm not sure that is the best. ? What is the evidence on a Patrick Vieira is working with a squad of elite development of the city - but it can take over first team football in the end it is all well that is to say, Martin, but can you tell me, why do not one of you to do? Decent story about FFP? This Chelsea and Manchester City took to break into the first four centers and we have slaughtered sabotage football. Making it difficult for football teams at the end of the day, without debt, while other clubs for £ 400M in debt can operate as usual. I really think it is very biased final football teams less traditional - and that includes its own press this season. Sustainable blue, Manchester.Look, opacity, just because you did not read, does not mean that he did not write. I'm going to nine years columns on the effects of a loyalty program that puts me on you, before I say - estimated - about nine years. Writing on this subject began early in the Times newspaper, and I was in the mail more than six years. These days, each of these articles, even those that are not of FFP, turn into a discussion about the loyalty program, because people like you care about now is already too late. Where were you in 2007? It does not matter. To make it, you can read the transcript of the conversation with Michel Platini in 2013 here, if you want. That's about 12,000 words long, mind you, but I'm sure it was not and said that simply throwing thought to be a short post on this topic in the belief that it was the original idea, this precipitation with tea.As Niall Quinn, was FFP designed, to stop clubs such as Portsmouth from bankruptcy, did not stop competing clubs. Great King Rat, Sunderland.Yes but then I got to the elite hold it and turned it into protectionism.Manchester the city we now have the second highest income in the Premier League - the truth. It is terrible press. Once I respect Mr. Samuel, but it is not logical to compare us with Everton. People do not know how to Sheikh Mansour is really rich? FFP will not exist in two years.