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"I need you bliss," he told me.


  • "I need you bliss," he told me.
    Posted on August 21, 2018

    I felt spent but there was his long dick staring at me. I climbed on top of Kevin and I guided his pole to my hole. I sunk down in my son's hard penis and he stuffed me one more time. Thankfully I had a few of the seed left inside me. It made the fucking go simpler. Kevin brought his bum up as I fell down onto his shaft. We went once more and I had more orgasms now around. We did not go as long the second time but Kevin still needed any cum left in the tank. Instead, he squirted his seed to my belly.

    My hubby came later in the week to secure more of his belongings. I asked him if he discovered a girl. He did not answer me but it was apparent that he had found somebody else. So had Kevin has been coming across most great site ( - ) evenings. I love to have on all fours for the own son. He will place his hands on his hips and input from behind.

    I could never tell Kevin that but his penis feels far better than his dad's. I've taken to begging Kevin because of his fat prick. After I really do beg that he will slide it right into me. I do love having that enormous prick inside my gut. I found out that having a younger lover means that he can cum in me almost each time. I really do love the feel of Kevin's seed because he smashed my pussy walls.

    We just have to be discreet with our lovemaking - . I hope that my son will want me for the long run since I find that I can't live with my son's cock.