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How to Buy Traffic for Your Site or Blog


  • How to Buy Traffic for Your Site or Blog
    Posted on June 07, 2018

    This article - is specifically about buying traffic for your website or blog.

    I'm also assuming that you already have your ad copy and banner ads ready, as this is the strategy I personally use. There are several ways to do this but I begin by using two basic research websites.
    I use Alexa and SEM rush.

    Step one, I take the website or sales page of the product I'm selling as an affiliate, and enter it into Alexa and SEM rush. These two sites will give me general demographics, keywords and it will list what sites the visitor came from before arriving at the sales page and where they went after they left the sales page.

    Information on where my potential customer has been and goes to is extremely important. And this is where I find great opportunities to advertise my banner ads.

    Now I don't stop there, I enter each of the additional sites I find into Alexa and SEM rush. The deeper I research the more I find out about my customer and their habits online. I can also find the types of advertisement there already being subjected to and what they might be responding to.

    The type of website I'm specifically looking for and that I like to advertise on is a combination forum/information site. Sites like this are often more target specific and generally have fewer visitors but the visitors to that site are more interactive and visit more often throughout the week. This is directly due to the owner of the site and the information they provide.

    I would much rather place a $300 banner ad on a website that only has 18,000 visitors who are highly active and come to the site almost every day. As opposed to a site with one million visitors who visit only a couple of times a month and the advertisement cost for a banner ad is $1500.

    Buying traffic tips:

    1. use Alexa and SEM rush to find the click stream of your customer when they visit the sales page of the product you're selling
    2. If you have any sort of questions concerning where and the best ways to make use of buy traffic - , you could contact us at the web site. look for sites that are information or forum in structure with visitors who return several times throughout the week
    3. find information/forum sites that allow banner advertisement.
    4. check out the sites you are interested in buying advertisement space on Google ad planner
    5. track your results and optimize your banner and ad copy.

    One final tip. I've noticed that the effectiveness of some of my banner ads drops off after the first four to six days. If I'm going to advertise my banner on a website for 30 days, I create four to six separate banner ads so that I can rotate them throughout the month. This helps to keep my click through much higher.

    Good luck,
    and remember there is no monopoly on Internet marketing ideas and tracking your statistics will help maximize your advertising dollar.