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Home Decor Trends And Ideas For 2014


  • Home Decor Trends And Ideas For 2014
    Posted on August 22, 2014

    The New Year is well on its way, heading straight from spring into summer. It is time to throw out some of the old and bring in a whiff of fresh air and colour into your home. If you are looking at doing your home over in some of the latest colours and designs, then here are a few trends that experts in the home decorindustry predict will be all the rage this year.

    Dynamic accents

    This year will see a shift in focus from a singular and fixed look to what is popularly known as ‘chameleon decor’. Designers say that now is the time to throw on a basic , neutral foundation and then experiment with bright and eye-catching accents which can easily be changed, mixed and matched at ease. Thus dynamic home decor is the big thing now.

    Glam and more glam

    2014 marks the return of glamour and drama. Try dark and stormy black walls acting as the backdrop to metal accessories. It is a time for stark beauty and high impact glamorous finishes.

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