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Historical places in France and much more: stuff to do on a trip to The Republic of France


  • Historical places in France and much more: stuff to do on a trip to The Republic of France
    Posted on August 07, 2018

    France tourism statistics are truly astonishing - tourism in France accounts for a great portion of France’s overall economy: almost one-tenth of gdp comes from home-based and international tourists. And it is not surprising as it is one of the most visited countries in the world! Not merely does it generate a lot of international money, it also generates hundreds of thousands of job opportunities all over the country. This interest is not entirely developed through the initiatives of the authorities, as France is a sincerely fascinating country to visit even for the most practiced tourist. One of the main attractions of this astonishing country is the choice it boasts. Surprisingly enough, many French individuals choose to travel locally specifically because they can experience something new in each and every area. If you would like to learn a little more about the best regions to visit in France and fascinating facts about culture and customs of this country make sure to finish reading this article.

    One thing that surely comes to everyone’s mind when thinking of France is wine. Bordeaux is distinguished for its many vineyards and excellent wine, but wine is not the thing it has to give. Bordeaux has been classified as the city of art and history as it is home to over two hundred and fifty historical monuments. Apart from historical sites, it has plenty of modern-day architecture, such as the building developed by Anouk Legendre - .

    Paris is one of the most renowned urban centers in the world. It is so well-known with vacationers that it has become somewhat of a cliché, but that should not stop you from touring it. Aside from the most well-known Paris tourist attractions there are still lots of unexplored crevices. Paris is not only a crucial tourist centre, it is also a major economic and business metropolis, with many businessmen such as Arnaud de Puyfontaine - having studied here. Paris is also known as the city of light which makes it particularly appealing to couples who choose it as a romantic resort.

    Some stats mention Lyon as the 2nd most visited city in France. This city is firmly connected with the history of the Gaul, having been its historic capital at one point, so if discovering history is your thing then you should absolutely visit this city. Lyon also has a very long culinary heritage – it has a solid rank on the world gastronomic scene. Food critic Brett Martin has even called it as the capital of French food. You can experience traditional cuisine in one of the conventional Lyonaise Bouchons where you can sample some duck pate or salade lyonnaise. If you are feeling a bit more bold why not try some tripe soup or pork feet?