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Finding the Best Teeth Whitening Systems


  • Finding the Best Teeth Whitening Systems
    Posted on July 08, 2018

    It's only natural for teeth to become yellow or stained with age. Teeth may become discolored due to smoking, drinking dark colored beverages such as tea or coffee, and other factors. When this happens, a teeth whitening system may be your only choice to get your teeth sparkling white again.

    There are several systems that will make your teeth whiter and are available to anyone. However, it is best to consult a dentist before making your decision.

    Do-It-Yourself Teeth Whitening Systems

    If your teeth and gums are healthy, you can use a home whitening product. In case you have any concerns about where along with the best way to employ 16% teeth whitening gel - , you can e-mail us from the web page. Those of us who are on a budget will find this the most cost effective way to whiten teeth. To find the best one, you will have to do some research.

    At home teeth whiteners consist of whitening strips or whitening gels contained in a special tray and placed in your mouth. For best results, you must follow instructions and comply with the amount of time required by the system. You may also have to repeat the procedure for optimal results.

    A whitening strip placed on your teeth will remove stains and discoloration. The strip contains a whitening gel that works to whiten your teeth.

    You may want to buy a whitening tray kit for home use. A dentist can have one form-fitted for you, or you can purchase a one-size-fits-all whitening product at a drugstore. A custom-made tray or mouth guard will provide best results. The tray or mouth guard is filled with bleaching gel and placed in your mouth for a specified amount of time.

    Professional Teeth Whitening Systems

    Whitening done by a dentist is the most effective way to whiten teeth. Before the dentist does the actual whitening, he will examine your teeth and gums to make sure they are healthy. The dentist will advise you on the whitening product that will work best for you. Your teeth will also be cleaned to remove plaque and food debris. This will help ensure the best results.

    The dentist may use a bleaching agent containing hydrogen peroxide to bleach and whiten your teeth. This is similar to what you would use in a teeth whitener for home use, but at higher concentrations of the bleaching agent. Laser teeth whitening is also very popular, although the procedure is quite expensive. Laser whitening is very effective and gives fast and long-lasting results.