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FIFA 16 may boycott EA Sports for FIFA scandal


  • FIFA 16 may boycott EA Sports for FIFA scandal
    Posted on June 13, 2015

    FIFA which is the football’s governing body is full of bribes and ongoing scandal. People don’t know how the new release of EA Sports FIFA 16 will be affected by the scandal. In order to break off sales for Electronic Arts as well as income for FIFA,some persons online are calling on boycotting FIFA 16. Sepp Blatter recently resigned from FIFA president. According to the reports, the re-elections will be held on 16th December. In most people’s opinion, this is not a good way to remedy the corruption of FIFA.

    After the recent corruption scandal of FIFA, some students in London has called on football fans to stop playing related games with EA Sports FIFA. Seven football officials were arrested for accused of paying or accepting bribes of more than $100m (£65m) from the 1990s to the present in Zurich. FIFA was shook for that. Although FIFA president Sepp Blatter was under great pressure, he took part in the election and won. Then four days later, he announced the resignation.

    According to The Mirror, the some students encouraged fans and game players choose to play rival game Pro Evolution Soccer instead of the new FIFA 16 version.
    It is reported that,David Mant,one of [url=]FIFA 16 Coins[/url] the persons behind the campaign, told student newspaper The Tab,
    “Since the purity of Ronaldinho’s FIFA 09, I have been unquestionably loyal to the FIFA franchise, purchasing a copy of each subsequent game.
    “However my loyalty is no more. This year, when September arrives I will not be buying a copy of FIFA 16. We’ve had enough and are demanding an end to FIFA’s reign of terror.”

    But some gamers think the scandal will has no <a href="">FIFA 16 Coins</a> influence on their thought of purchase of FIFA 16.You can see their comments as follows.
    “FIFA 16 has basically nothing to do with FIFA. It’s basically just a name nowadays.”
    “I’ll pick it up day 1. And then proceed to drop $150 on FUT. Because I enjoy it.”
    “Why on earth people would boycott a game because FIFA (who have nothing to do with the games apart from licensing) are corrupt is baffling and makes no sense. The average football fan (hell, a lot of people who buy and play FIFA aren’t really fans of the sport, they just enjoy the video game and casually watch big matches) does not give a single shit about FIFA and its corruption.”
    Although now there are many views, there are no strong enough delegations to boycott FIFA 16.All the claims are under investigation at present. So we should let the law deal with this matter.