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this field game missing fifa 15 coins


  • this field game missing fifa 15 coins
    Posted on March 05, 2015

    United away 1 0 small WINS <a href="">fifa 15 coins</a> Norwich ushered in has the events of 6 streak, SINA sports video live has this field game, famous commentary Member Zhan Jun and guest Zhang road two people on game for has wonderful of commentary and reviews, following is this field game of commentary essence United this field game missing has Rooney and Robin van Persie two big attack core, talked about this on United of effects, Zhan Jun said: "Rooney of absent on United effects is big, United this season away than home playing have good, 20 ball has 12 a is Rooney directly participation of, So Rooney out of Manchester United will face a lot of challenges. "For Manchester United how to deal with this issue, Zhang Lu, said:" the United Front also the Kagawa, Ryan Giggs, Ashley young and small peas, if these people well, can also play a great deal of fighting, the key is to look at their level of understanding. ”

    Red Devils in this game was the most-watched players Kagawa, Kagawa by Moyes and Venezuela appears on the 10th position to attack the core of the task about Kagawa location changes, and performance of this game, Zhan Jun said, "Kagawa today are more active in the middle of Ryan Giggs, put yourself in the position of supporting auxiliary Kagawa. "Zhang Lu also reviews:" United the offense, we got the ball to Kagawa, by his offense, everyone is about Hsueh formed an attack group, the idea is right. ”

    But hopes of Kagawa ultimately mediocre, Moyers on 59 minutes in the second half substituted a gunuzhayi him, to Zhan Jun said, "Kagawa was substituted, Mark David Moyes wanted to use him as a 10th to the aspirations dashed. "When it comes to Kagawa gap with Rooney, Zhang Lu says," Kagawa has the ability, he played also very thoughtful, Kagawa's problem is that his passing is broad, but that it lacks a direct threat to the defence, the lack of a kill. ”