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drive bandwidth requirements for cable operators


  • drive bandwidth requirements for cable operators
    Posted on August 20, 2014

    This demonstration utilizes Corning SMF-28 ULL optical fiber, an ultra-low-loss ITU-T G.652-compliant optical fiber that has ultra-low attenuation (average attenuation at 1550 nm is 0.168 dB/km) and low Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD), empowering next-generation transmission systems to achieve longer spans, reach, and scale to higher speeds. Using the combined benefits of Huawei’s 100 Gbps technology and Corning’s SMF-28 ULL fiber which you can get from thunder-link , customers can enhance their network reach by 35-40 percent. Huawei’s 100 Gbps and 40 Gbps coherent technology is available on the OptiX OSN 8800 which is a next generation, intelligent, Optical Transport Network (OTN) platform scalable to over 6 Tbps of switching capacity.

    "As video content and business services drive bandwidth requirements for cable operators, Huawei has developed industry leading 100 Gbps technology to minimizing their total cost of ownership, energy consumption, and telecommunications footprint,” said Reg Wilcox, Vice President of Network Marketing for Huawei Technologies USA. "The OSN 8800 has the ability to smoothly scale to 100 Gbps and support hybrid transmission of 100 Gbps, 40 Gbps, and 10 Gbps signals. This 100 Gbps solution also interworks with Huawei’s NE40E and NE5000E routing platforms which provide native 100 Gbps interfaces directly from the router to enable fully end-to-end 100 Gbps solutions across routing and optical transport layers.”

    Huawei believes that 5G networks will emerge by 2020, and that 5G wireless technologies will not only substantially evolve telecommunications technologies, but will have a revolutionary impact on the global ICT industry. The advent of 5G Transmission network will change our work and everyday lives and will usher in the formation of a new globally connected Digital Society. The ultimate success of 5G depends on a thriving ecosystem made possible by open innovation and collaborative research.