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    Posted on April 07, 2015

    Hello my name is Vito the nick is Siciliano from Bulgaria my dream is to work with MMG when i wake up i mean all day in my mind is Maybach music got pure love for this team i really hope u see me i love Ricky Rozay , Ace Hood , DJ khaled all of em salute them all best for ever and MMG till i die i love y'all hope you hear me and feel me wanna make dream reality like Dj khaled said it join the team i love the team, if i have the chanse to work with or see 50 cent or who ever i won't don't like em i ain't fakin' it MMG only ! salute !
    i want to make money not with em or him or no one only with y'all im not soo good but deam i really bad want to be good and to work hard in the studio really bad want this thing fuck sleep in the studio 24/7