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    Posted on June 01, 2016

    DHL shipping notification: Warning dangerous Trojans!
    Selim Baykara on 04/05/2016 at 13:49
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    Under the name "DHL shipping notification" is currently an email circulated containing a dangerous Trojan. Supposedly, the recipient of the mail was found not at home, and therefore must be a DHL download and print -Versandschein computer - right here hides the malware .

    DHL is one of the largest and best known logistics company in Germany: that the package supplier prime target of cyber criminals and other fraudsters should therefore not surprise - which makes the fact but no less annoying. At the moment numerous e-mails are sent on behalf of DHL again: Supposedly it comes to an undelivered order, but in reality it is about trying to infiltrate your computer with a Trojan.

    DHL shipping notification: Beware of this Trojan!

    In the e-mail, the recipient is informed that a recently received order could not be delivered. Therefore one should print out a DHL packing slip to complete the process. Visually seen initially affects the email suspicion that catches worded message to read, however carefully, you will quickly realize that it this is not odd things.

    DHL shipping notification screenshot
    In appearance similar to the mail a genuine notification of DHL.
    The exact wording of the alleged DHL shipping notification:

    Your package has arrived on (date), did not 2016 Courier deliver a package to you. Print your DHL shipping label and show it in the next post office to get the package.
    Download DHL shipping label

    If the packet is not received within 10 working days DHL the right to compensation from you argue for its in the high of 7.55 EUR hold for every day of accounting. You can make the information about the procedure and conditions of the package to keep see the nachstgelegenen Geschaftsstelle.

    This is an automatically generated message. Click here to sign out

    The DHL Paket GmbH, DHL Express Germany GmbH, DHL Freight GmbH, DHL Global Forwarding GmbH and DHL Supply Chain, hereinafter DHL, checks and updates the information on its website. Despite all care, data may have changed. A liability or guarantee for the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of the information provided can therefore not be assumed.

    The faulty grammar and many misspellings are a good indication that this is about online predators. But the really dangerous to the mail, the shipping document, which you should download. Underlying this is a Trojan horse that infiltrates your computer unnoticed and the fraudsters allows access to your computer.

    DHL shipping notification: Trojan infects your computer

    One clicks on the link in the email you will be redirected to another page - here one should enter a numeric code to then download the DHL shipping label. Follow these instructions in any case! At this ZIP file is a Trojan , ie a program that silently runs in the background and the developers of malware allowed without your permission to access your computer.

    DHL shipping notification Trojans
    Behind this download link lurks the Trojans.
    In the worst case the scammers get by complete access to sensitive data, including passwords and access information about your online banking or payment services such as PayPal.
    Trojans can be identified by the file extensions - usually is executable files with the extensions .exe or .zip.
    Most virus scanners such as Kaspersky identify Trojans, if you try to download the corresponding file.
    But as it always happens that fraudsters are developing new malicious software, you should never download from the internet you suspect files.
    Do you suspect that you have downloaded you accidentally a Trojan, you should definitely use a virus scanner to check for the PC.
    In the next step you should then change all passwords.
    More Articles Trojans found here: Remove Trojan: So you get the malware from the PC

    So you protect yourself from fraud and phishing on the Internet

    In Internet constantly fake e-mails are sent with which criminals try to get to your sensitive data. If you receive e-mails as described herein DHL shipping notification, you should definitely adhere to the following tips:

    Banks, online retailers and buying portals ask their clients to never enter personal data via a link contained in the mail.
    Generally, there is always suspicious when you will not be addressed with your name.
    The opposite (Informal name) but does not prove that the email is genuine.
    Click never on links in emails or text messages when you do not know the sender, or you found this suspicious.
    Never Give dates in predefined form fields in mails - sometimes the data are now passed during entry to the fraudsters.
    For more information about Internet fraud can be found in the article recognize phishing emails: Incorrect reminders in circulation . Also very common these mails are called subscription traps. This Lest this article: subscription trap terminate: How it's done (with template and sample letter).

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