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the desire to help everyone


  • the desire to help everyone
    Posted on August 16, 2014

    The second can not let him go long because the sea fog is very strong, go long, it is difficult to determine the location. I was directly hit it with a daisy chain of bombs deceleration deceleration bit longer and then hit directly bend it to death. Pull middot; Dama middot; Nikolai number (not eliminate) the boat speed is very slow Jackdaws numbers it is easy to grasp the key is to start the initiative needs to dodge his mortar strike quickly find his daisy-bit, slow down, hit . Then came two quick side shelling + weakness swivel guns opened a little distance and then slow down again and then shelling hit (hit his side completely useless simply can not afford the blood, and even hit the sound is not the same) until it consumed the dead heads of No. amp ; Intrepid (off 3 times) to fight these two boats must not be anxious, two boats should be uniform blood, do not put a fight leftover blood delusional skin call another one, (looks like a piece of leftover blood will doom stick to the skin you deliberately let you hit it), I had another one when there is a ringing off the hook a little bit of blood rage then straight into my daisy bit, I lost three times bucket direct it goodbye. This two boats defense is not high, the challenge is to repair blood. These are small as we bring the Assassin's Creed four legendary ship Battle Raiders, the desire to help everyone Oh!'Assassin's Creed 4' Details of the analysis of various weapons - Action adventure RS Raiders _ Action Adventure RS Cheats.