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Dental Hygienist Schools: How Can You Become a Dental Hygienist?


  • Dental Hygienist Schools: How Can You Become a Dental Hygienist?
    Posted on June 27, 2018

    Dental hygienist schools have become popular among young students who want to follow a career in the dental industry. This field has changed and people grew more concerned with their dental health thanks to a brilliant man named Claude C. Hopkins. He was the one to create the people's habit regarding brushing their teeth every morning and night. Thanks to him, the dental industry has grown a lot during the last centuries. Now, more and more people go into dental hygienist schools, not only because they want to help people with different oral issues, but also because it pays well.

    How can you become a dental hygienist?

    Hygienists are not built over night. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to become one.

    Dental hygienist schools can be found all over the Globe, offering courses and practice to their fellow students. The subjects studied do not differ so much from school to school, but the way you can apply to it does.

    At the same time, you must know that you can apply for an associated program or a bachelor's degree.

    When we are talking about an associated program, most of your classes will take place inside a community college and will last 2 years, and then you will have to take an exam to become a licensed dentist. This diploma and level of knowledge is sufficient if you plan on working in a specific office.

    If you want to work in the public health system, a more advanced diploma will be needed. Here is where the bachelor's degree comes in handy. The studies will also take 2 years, but some dental hygienist schools require 3 years of learning.

    If you want to train other students or follow the path of oral prevention and oral health promotion, you will have to complete a Master's degree. You can take it right after graduation or you can practice for a few years and then complete your Master's degree. It is also not necessary to be able to practice in an office or in the public health system. Some of the subjects you will touch at this hygienist school are:

    Health Care management


    Public health

    Dental Health Services Administration

    What will I study and what are the dental hygienist school - requirements?

    Hygienist schools allow you to study some or all of the following subjects:





    Dental hygiene


    Dental materials



    Although you will not study to become a dentist, a dental school will still ask for effort, dedication and time from their students. You have to attend all of your classes and be committed full-time. You also have to own some basic knowledge about science, and make proof of your math and reading skills.

    The dental schooling requirements vary from school to school. Some dental hygienist schools require you to have basic science knowledge, some require you to take a math test and prove them that you can read and some require their future students to have more prerequisite courses in the humanities field. In order to find their requirements, you must go online and find the school you want to attend and look for yourself.

    What does a dental hygienist do?

    Dental hygienists are the ones who clean teeth, remove tartar, stains and plague. You will also perform x-rays on your patient - . At the same time, you are required to know how to read a patient's medical history and treat the patient.

    As a dental hygienist, you will also look for any signs of oral diseases such as gingivitis. You will learn how to talk to a patient regarding cleaning their teeth, preventing any oral issues and maintaining their overall oral health. You will also be there to assist the dentist when he/she performs different actions on the patient.

    In what regards the skills, you will have to develop strong communication skills, be able to show compassion and empathy. The most important skill you must have is to be dental oriented. If you are not cut for this job, you will never like it and your performance will be poor.

    As previously stated, dental hygienist schools can be found in every state of the United States, so make sure you take an informed decision and choose the best school.