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Cute Tote Bags for the Wedding Guests


  • Cute Tote Bags for the Wedding Guests
    Posted on August 04, 2018

    The bride and groom often are the receivers of gifts during their big day, it is but proper for them to give something back. Gone are the days when you would only expect loot bags for kids during a kiddie party, now even weddings and adult birthdays include loot bags too.

    The bags should always match the theme of the wedding. Look for classy but not so expensive ones. However, since the wedding color is usually white, you can choos this color to be safe. Make sure that your bag can be sealed after placing your gift inside. Although the bag may be made of paper, make sure that it will be strong enough to carry the items you wish to place inside. What's good is you give your guests something that they can use again even after they have taken out their gifts from you. If you beloved this report and you would like to get extra information pertaining to funny christmas t shirts - kindly pay a visit to our own web page. You can choose a different give-away for the men and another for women.

    Women will always love something they can put inside their purse. You can get the men some aftershave cologne and place it inside the loot bags. But if you do not have enough time to think of separate gifts for the men and women, you can just pick a unisex gift for all ages.

    Thanks to themes in wedding for this can easily dictate what you will give to your guests. It is safe to give funny gifts just as long as it is related to your wedding theme. For example, spring themed wedding can mean potpourri give aways.

    There are weddings who still just have the simple and traditional ceremony and reception, for this you can just give anything related to the wedding month. You can also consider the place where you will spending your honeymoon for your tokens like key chain shaped like the Eiffel Tower if you are going to Paris. Whatever the gift may be, what counts most is you have given your thanks to your guests.