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The Changing Times


  • The Changing Times
    Posted on October 13, 2014

    Over the years, the lifestyle of many students has changes. Students are now more focused on what revolves their everyday life without much consideration of the future. Unlike decades ago when learning was invested in thehope of making revolutionary changes in the future, students now are more concerned of the present. Without pointing fingers, the world has become more uncertain, and the challenges facing students are not declining. The challenge of graduating in a society where there is a high rate of retrenchment does not seem to cut it.

    Therefore, students are working their way to the top grades in thehope to stand out among other few in a society that is rapidly changing. The concern for many students is getting a competitive advantage with what is at stake. The student is now ready to work with a group of essay writers in completing his assignment. By ensuring that one get a high grade and pursue his career as expected. However, if he chooses another path, it becomes tight. The quest for learning has changed to gaining anadvantage and staying marketable in the job market. It has carried the delusion of seeking a better life by being better than everybody else.