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Cellular Shades - Keep The Warmth In This Winter With A Cellular Window Shade


  • Cellular Shades - Keep The Warmth In This Winter With A Cellular Window Shade
    Posted on June 09, 2018

    Cellular shades are a great option for the consumer in decorating any room in their home with their crisp clean style and versatility. Not only does a cellular window shade provide beauty for a room with the vast array of fabrics available but excellent control of the light in your home. If you adored this article and you would like to get more info relating to top down bottom up shade - kindly go to our own website. You are able to achieve the exact amount of privacy and light control that you desire from sheer to blackout or somewhere in the middle.

    Saving energy is an important consideration these days and cellular window shades are considered to be one of the best. They help to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The honeycomb structure of cellular shades traps air in the middle acting as an insulator between the indoor and outdoor air. This saves energy in heating and cooling your home which then saves you money.

    Cellular shades are available in single, double or triple cell construction the more cells the better energy efficiency but also an increase in price. They come in two cell sizes 3/8" and 3/4" as it is up to you as to which you prefer. The larger size holds more static air so are more energy efficient. The honeycomb structure of cellular window shades also provides excellent noise reduction giving you peace and quiet from outside disturbances.

    Blackout cellular shades are a great choice for bedrooms, nurseries, media rooms or computer rooms where at times it is desired to block out the light completely. For people trying to sleep during the day or getting children their afternoon nap blackout cellular shades are an excellent solution. Be careful of cheap cellular blackout shades as they might not have the foil material that lines the cellular fabric that ensures that no light gets through.

    The benefit that makes cellular window shades so popular is the variety of options that allows you to control light also when totally raised very little of your view is obstructed.
    Cellular shades can be motorized for those hard to reach windows at a relatively inexpensive price. The cordless option is great for childrens rooms for added safety. For large windows the continuous cord - loop option makes lifting large shades a breeze.

    Unlike other blinds cellular shades have bottom-up/top-down option that allows you to lower the top to let in light and be able to still maintain your lower privacy. This option allows you great versatility in adjusting your light and privacy. Along with this option you can get Duette Duolite which is the equivalent of two shades in one an opaque one on bottom and a sheer one on top giving the best of two worlds.

    One of the last benefits but most important that make cellular window shades so popular is that they are so easy to maintain. They are color-fast and flame retardant. An occasional vacuuming keeps them looking great. They collect minimal dust leaving you time for more important things.