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Can we trust the Gold forecast for Indian markets?


  • Can we trust the Gold forecast for Indian markets?
    Posted on May 29, 2018

    India is the world's second biggest bullion consumer with a dynamic yet volatile market controlled by heavy demand and inflation. Gold purchases in India are necessitated by several occasions like wedding, religious ceremonies and for gifting purposes, as well. This makes it evident that gold price forecasts in India are crucial for arriving at major purchase or investment decisions among investors and buyers, alike.

    Gold price forecasts in India is primarily derived from annual reports published by international gold market analysts. Thomson Reuters GFMS is a leading consultancy that provides benchmark supply and demand statistics for the gold market. It has estimated gold prices to average at about $1,350 in 2014, down by 7 percent from $1,446 in 2013.This largely emphasizes on gold price forecast globally rather than providing an in-depth analysis for the Indian gold market. Metals Focus, CIBC and Gold Fields are other spot gold - market research firms across the globe. In addition, leading financial news firms publicize media reports and updates from time to time on gold price forecast which are more of expert opinions from market analysts.

    Industrial bodies like Assocham's market watch on gold price forecast in India are limited to commodity imports and exports, annually. It does not take into account several key factors that has a huge influence on the country's gold price forecasts. These reports, therefore, are of little help to the stakeholders who place high risks on gold investments.

    Gold prices forecast tools in India are relatively few in number compared to that of global context. The ZyFin Gold Price Forecaster is a specialized gold prices forecast - tool in India. It estimates gold price forecast in India, three months ahead of time. One of the unique gold prices forecast tools in India that can be used by trade analysts, investors and commodity watchers to devise trading and hedging strategies. According to its recent gold price forecast in India, gold prices are expected to continue to fall by around 18% by March 2014 as in December 2013.

    How ZyFin Gold Price Forecaster determines the gold price forecast in India?
    The gold price forecaster from Zyfin gives a monthly report in line with World Gold Council standards. The research components include 33 key economic indicators that have a causal effect on Indian gold prices. It offers real time understanding of the current as well as future state of economic affairs in India.

    Information is the key to making right decisions when it comes to gold forecasts in India. ZyFin Gold Price Forecaster is one of its kind gold prices forecast tools in India. It provides reliable, state-of-the-art technical analysis on gold prices forecasts in India.