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Buy POE Currency - Chaos orbs & Exalted orbs


  • Buy POE Currency - Chaos orbs & Exalted orbs
    Posted on December 27, 2017

    When is the best time to buy Path of Exile currency? The simple answer is anytime you need them for something in-game, but if you really want more bang for your buck, pay close attention.

    Path of Exile Currency Store:

    The data provided to me for the above analysis on pricing were given to me by PlayerAuctions. From their data, I’ve also noticed the following, which I found interesting:

    POE Exalted orbs are, on average, nearly 250% more expensive in the Hardcore league than in the Standard league. This is possibly due to the Hardcore league’s permadeath function – your character is sent back to the Standard league if he or she dies in Hardcore, which is also the same with Divine orbs.

    Interestingly, the opposite is true for Chance and Blessed orbs; they are actually more expensive in the Standard league than in the Hardcore League.

    POE Chaos orbs, Chromatic and Alteration orbs exhibit no significant change in their pricing.

    Folks in the United States of America account for half of the total POE orbs purchased, with more than 80% of Blessed orbs and 75% of Regal orbs being bought by American players.

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