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Blackberry Apps & Mobile Development


  • Blackberry Apps & Mobile Development
    Posted on June 29, 2018

    It wasn't too long when the Blackberry device was viewed essentially as just a business user's device of choice. Then, the Blackberry's features were mainly for the purpose of e-mailing, texting and making calls. All that has changed with the competitive nature of today's Hi-tech world. With more and more mobile devices having more things to offer consumers, the Blackberry has had to evolve and make available more apps. This has come to the delight of both the software developers and consumers.

    With the help of expert mobile apps developers like KryptonSoft, the Blackberry has begun attracting a new breed of followership as can be witnessed in the increase in demand from key markets like North America, Europe and Asia. As "Blackberry fever" spreads through the globe, its success and ability to stand the challenge of other mobile devices is attributed to its Apps. Blackberry app developers like KryptonSoft have given Blackberry users a splash of variety added to its other functions such as internet, faxing, e-mail, texting, web browsing, etc.  These features along with many more have helped the Blackberry build its reputation at being able to meet the needs "business" executives.

    Its rise in sales notwithstanding, the Blackberry has seen its popularity watered down because it does not address many areas of the daily life of the average consumer. Such things like social networking, games, multimedia, GPRS, etc were lacking. So Blackberry researchers have opted to develop more sophisticated versions like the Blackberry Storm, Strom 2 and BlackBerry Bold giving, blackberry application development companies like KryptonSoft the opportunity to develop more customized blackberry applications to meet the specific needs of its clients.

    Our expert blackberry developers can create appealing BlackBerry applications using all versions of the BlackBerry operating Systems for maximum compatibility across various blackberry devices. Over the time we developed a vast library of routines, which not only help the rapid blackberry development, it also save cost of development for our clients. Our customized, offshore software development process integrates a mix of optimal technologies, systematic planning, prototype creation, implementation, testing, support, production, documentation and design, blackberry porting etc. We at KryptonSoft have a team of experienced hands to meet your mobile apps development need, be it iPhone, iPad, Symbian, UIQ, J2ME or Android. There is no limit to what we can do at website

    About KryptonSoft:

    KryptonSoft is an offshore outsourcing division of founded in year 2000. At KryptonSoft we promises to provide highly qualitative and cost effective Custom Software Application Development, Desktop Development, E-Commerce, Custom Forum/Blog Development, Mobile Application Development Outsourcing and Web Software Development Outsourcing services to our clients globally. One that will best complements your own in-house IT skills and protects your intellectual property while at the same time meeting your budget and deliverable offshore development goals. We at KryptonSoft promise you to provide highly qualitative and cost effective services with Intellectual Rights.

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