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a bit more about the new maps


  • a bit more about the new maps
    Posted on July 20, 2015

     there should be long lasting appeal for the XP gain aspect of Stimpacks as you collect more Heroes.We��re not planning on Stimpacks that only increase the Gold gain at this time.GON: To my reading at least, community sentiment largely comes down on the side of Heroes gold gain being too slow. However, community sentiment never tells the whole story. With your access to game data, how do you feel about the current gold gain rate?John: When combining per-game rewards, as well as leveling progression and daily quest gold rewards, we feel like gold income rates are almost where we��d like them to be. That said, we��re going to continue to analyse and monitor our global data.GON: I��m a huge fan of the way the Cabal gamer deals <a href=''>Cabal Gold</a> with rage-quitters. Do you have any data you can share on how your changes have affected the quit rate, or perhaps any delightful anecdotes?John: We plan on implementing the ��leaver queue�� functionality we talked about at BlizzCon in a series of patches, ramping up in potency, but it��s not quite in yet. For now we��re sticking to the computer taking over a leaver��s Hero.As for delightful anecdotes, I can only speak from my own experience: I��ve had many Cabal games where someone on my team has left, but we still end up winning the Cabal gamer. Having an AI-controlled Hero isn��t going to be as ideal as a good Cabal player on voice-chat, but I��ve found it��s much better than a toxic, unhelpful Cabal player!GON: Heroes goes into closed beta in January. What milestones do you feel were necessary to be met in order to make that change, and will it have any effect on Cabal players or is it largely a label?John: Closed Beta is largely an infrastructure and metagame milestone which will bring ranked play, draft mode, leaver queue, and the groundwork for more systems coming later in the beta. We expect that all of these will have a significant impact on how Cabal players interact with the Cabal gamer�� I know I��m really looking forward to Draft mode!GON: Can you tell me a bit more about the new maps, Sky Temple and Tomb of the Spider Queen? What��s the map objective in Tomb of the Spider Queen?John: Sky Temple was demoed at BlizzCon and will be released early next year. The battleground is a huge floating ancient-Egypt themed Battleground in which capture-point ��shrines�� activate occasionally during the Cabal gamer. Cabal players can stand on the shrines to control them for their team, and in turn the shrines bombard enemy towns with laser beams as long as they remain uncontested by the other team and stand their ground against the angry guardians of the shrine. The shrines are pretty important to pushing for a win, so there��s a lot of movement between lanes in a scramble to control these points.We plan on releasing Tomb of the Spider Queen a little while after Sky Temple.