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Biodiscover: expression patterns of SCUBE1


  • Biodiscover: expression patterns of SCUBE1
    Posted on October 15, 2014

    Researchers at the University of Missouri have conducted a research for SCUBE1. SCUBE1 in platelets is localized in the α-granules and transferred to the cell surface upon activation and aggregation. A whole change of location machinery in platelets was recently incontestable , and platelets are able to translate mRNAs into protein, betting on conditions. Platelets are able to translate the constituent interleukin-1β ribonucleic acid into protein on a long-run basis after mixture. The active SCUBE1( ) translation in platelets is simply speculation, as the SCUBE ribonucleic acid may also be simply associate inactive relict from the mother cell, the megakaryocyte.

    SCUBE1 was detected in platelet-rich thrombi and in coronary-artery disease lesions. SCUBE1 is discharged by activated and adherent platelets and sticks to the sub-endothelial matrix. The perform of SCUBE1 in the coronary-artery disease plaque or clot is unclear. conjointly unclear is why SCUBE1 is discharged by activated platelets however is downregulated in activated epithelial tissue. The facts could implicate the involvement of SCUBE1 in pathophysiological conditions like coronary artery disease or tube repair. However, these contradictory expression patterns in activated epithelium cells and in activated platelets leave the question whether or not SCUBE1 enhances or attenuates tube or tissue repair mechanisms concerned in diseases like coronary artery disease or remodelling of ischaemic cardiac muscle.