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Behave Like A Roller Coaster, Kiessling: Leverkusen Played Not Bad


  • Behave Like A Roller Coaster, Kiessling: Leverkusen Played Not Bad
    Posted on October 08, 2014

    Leverkusen new season just start stage stunning, but now, the team has suffered three consecutive matches of the situation, in this regard, the team striker Kiessling said pharmaceutical companies actually played not so bad.You could possibly are looking for the cheap fifa 15 coins , therefore you are always welcome to our website to achieve the fifa 15 ultimate team coins .When accepts the interview, Kiessling said: “the roller coaster feeling I didn’t, because before time began, the outside world will we hold to the sky, stretching our performance, and in fact, some of our recent field did not play that badly, we were the better side in the match in Monaco, but is the lack of goals, we only a bad game against Wolfsburg that only, it is because we are beginning to have less people to combat.getfifa15coins

    Monaco and Werder Bremen we would have been the winning word, such a situation will be much better.Who continued: “next we need against Augsburg, Freiburg, Paderborn, the middle and Benfica UEFA Champions League game, we need to come up with good performance, in all two events to remain competitive.” For coach Schmidt in the team’s failure will make what adjustment problems, Kiessling said: “no, he will continue to give us confidence, as previously done, and it is really going to the team incentive.”

    Klopp called for a national team player shoulder: too much.Unfair to baltra? Enrique said: “I have not fair for all the people. The problem is not with me. The team has unlimited combinations, but I can only choose one part, I try to find the most helpful to arrange team. I’m on baltra is very happy, because he is Barcelona new level players, I won’t be on my mind the existence of any injustice. I was the coach, I have to make some decisions.”Prior to this, Bayern coach Guardiola said, now the players have been under increasing competition pressure, so that the heavy schedule is “kill the player”, apparently.

    Dortmund coach Kropp also agree that. Array of Dortmund Royce, Hummel J and ANN are more than Beijing was injured in the national team, therefore, for the state tournament team intensive, Cyclops is also very dissatisfied: “I think the future no one can finish Corbel (Charly K? Rbel) 602 games in the Bundesliga record, I think even in 10 years can last up to 35 years old, retired people will rarely, the 2016 European Cup to put the team expanded to 24 teams, because some people like this, but in fact, this for the players is meaningless.”

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