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A Beginner's Guide to Managing Care With Medicinal Marijuana


  • A Beginner's Guide to Managing Care With Medicinal Marijuana
    Posted on June 20, 2018

    Recently I began researching the use of marijuana to treat illnesses based on a research project I had in my politics class. I always knew the subject was one shrouded in controversy, but until now I had never taken the time to learn more about the "ins and outs" so to speak. If you're looking to educate yourself on the basics check out some highlights below.

    Medicinal hashish is commonly used to treat the following symptoms while under a doctor's care:

    - Nausea
    - Vomiting
    - Loss of appetite/lack of hunger
    - Intraocular blood pressure
    - Gastrointestinal - problems
    - Acute and chronic pain

    Often times, people think that using marijuana means smoking a joint or using a pipe, but did you know that you drink the extracts of marijuana and put it in your food. When you loved this article and you would love to receive more info relating to Portable rig - assure visit the web site. Synthetic varieties of medicinal marijuana, including the popular brand Marinol are also prescribed in the US as well as other countries.

    My research also yielded that there are more countries than you think that utilize legal medicinal weed including:

    - Canada
    - Austria
    - Germany
    - The Netherlands (well that one was obvious actually)
    - Spain
    - Israel
    - France
    - Portugal
    - Italy
    - Finland

    I was also surprised to find there are more uses for medicinal marijuana than I expected. Sure you've heard its good to treat cancer and glaucoma, but did you know that studies have shown it can also help treat asthma sleep apnea, PTSD and even PMS. Who knew?

    Overall medicinal marijuana is more prevalent than you may realize, both here on US soil and several other countries with more liberal views on utilizing THC and cannabis to improve quality of life.