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be required to begin Mourinho problem


  • be required to begin Mourinho problem
    Posted on October 19, 2015

    Mike Mussina to strengthen the ability to quickly counterattack Mourinho's experience and coaching the FIFA ultimate team for all to see, but also supported by veteran FIFA ultimate team, but Mourinho also made some degree of change, not aggressive, which helps relieve FIFA ultimate team within a hostile atmosphere. Mourinho took office, signings did not have too much action, but he recovered in Bremen last season with excellent play of midfielder its new season with Mata, Azar and Chelsea midfielder Oscar constitute dream combination. Currently the FIFA ultimate team likely problem is that the main defender David Luiz to Barcelona faced poaching, how to leave the latter would be required to begin Mourinho problem. And with the current Blues squad composition, relative aging defense personnel may be the only problem. Chelsea Mourinho at the helm when the time, the main wing to double-winger for the 433 formation, but also for the great defensive efforts often evolutions 451. However, after leaving the Blue Bridge, 4231 identified madman seems even coached Real Madrid is full of offensive talent, but also does not change the mind. Blue Lion also true, Mike Mussina several successor also more fuss around 4231. After the second time handprint, Mourinho Chelsea have hit the formation of the new season as 4231, this is no suspense. And coached Real Madrid as one of the important means of attack Mike Mussina is still two wing attack. Specific, responsible for breakthroughs and delivery wing, Azar, all FIFA players this road is within Moses and . Whether to suppress leftist Adjara perhaps Earle functional, will endo, mainly involved in the overall attack, the left channel is referred to Ashley Cole care. In addition, scheduling Mata centered organization, supplemented by midfielder forward runs, the center will play a pivot role. If Mike Mussina aggressive on the offensive end some of Ken, Chelsea will be played impressively three-dimensional offensive. When the Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid terror to establish a rapid counter-attack line - they break into the top five leagues in Europe to counter the most FIFA 16 goals (11), and in with the image Loukakou, Azar,Buying the ultimate winner Barcelona Chelsea defender David - Louis issue finally achieved a major breakthrough, the British media, 'Daily Mail' and the Spanish media, 'World Sports Daily' are today brings news that David - Lewis has been with the coach Muli Ni Austrian showdown and he wanted to show this summer switch to Barcelona's attitude. Meanwhile, Chelsea has also launched emergency plans, namely: David - Lewis marked 50 million euros price.


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