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Additional money can be added money


  • Additional money can be added money
    Posted on August 15, 2014

    Delete to delete the selected messages. ⑤ write open letter interface. Write interface to distinguish between the role of the input ① recipients receive mail recipients. ② title message title. ③ regular mail general message simple text content. ④ gift mail and regular mail is different from the additional items and money. ⑤ collecting items when items payment transaction may request. Additional items to register additional items ⑥ space. ⑦ additional money can be RS Gold added money. ⑧ items payment registration materials by mail when trading goods payment request. ⑨ fees represent fees required to send mail. Additional money subject to a 1% fee, depending on the type of goods other additional fees. ⑩ rewrite rewrite mail. ⑪ mail send mail to recipients. Use e-mail messages using methods divided into regular mail / gift mail / parcel 3 kinds of messages can be additional money and gift items, the collection of mail can request to receive payment. Basically you can also send e-mail without a title, but there must be a recipient. Writing by sending e-mail can send a message to complete, if a mistake can be rewritten again compose messages. For more discussion, please visit: oracle oracle Battle Battle Forum \u003e\u003e See All Raiders \u003c\u003cTERA Cuiqu system _tera Raiders Cheats _ Ranger net
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