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2007 328i BMW Emblem replacement websites


  • 2007 328i BMW Emblem replacement websites
    Posted on May 29, 2016

    So I got my car back from the dealer and notice my rear BMW sticker has peeled off of the emblem so I am looking for a good place to buy a new one for the rear for 2007 328i

    This website looks pretty legit, has the hood and trunk emblem for $28.95 for hood and $26.95 for trunk as well as the grommets. Those are the entire emblems? I thought it would just be a sticker seeing as you can see mine has just peeled off.

    Video on how to replace emblem

    I am definitely getting the rear emblem and the grommets for them but also thinking about getting the Emblem Cover Decal Set and changing the emblems to red and black. Is that considered retarded? I think it looks cool on a red BMW.
    They are easily available on eBay. Type "BMW Roundel" in the search box and you will get pages of them.
    Front emblem $9.85

    Rear Emblem $9.85

    Think I will buy them from this guy. Now all I need is the grommets, anyone know if you can actually reuse the grommets?
    My question is, how did it get that way? Yikes! I replaced the Roundel on my E93 with Carbon Fiber Roundels. I was not able to reuse the rear grommet and the roundel did not sit firmly.

    I bought this grommet at a hardware store (I think it is for a toilet ), painted the edges black with a sharpie, punched holes in it with a hole punch and the Roundel seated perfectly. The diameter was exactly the same as the roundel. captainaudio: Where did you get your Roundels? I have the same car as you but in platinum bronze and my sticker peeled off a month ago. I ended up not getting mine, I super glued the sticker back on and you cant even tell.
    I'd have got it from ebay though, 10 bucks or so on there. For what it's worth, some of the $10 ones on Emblem Zone aren't quite OEM quality. Had to replace the one on my wife's e92 and it isn't quite the same size or feel and the white had yellowed after only a couple months. I purchased them on eBay. I am not sure if this is exactly where I got them but this is what they look like and I have had no issues. I like the way they look and they are good quality. I purchased them because the one on the steering wheel was starting to deteriorate. The one for the steering wheel applies over the existing emblem but is very thin (yet sturdy) and looks OEM.