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Tips on how to date a white woman with children, and how to make the fall in love with you!


  • Tips on how to date a white woman with children, and how to make the fall in love with you!
    Posted on August 22, 2018

    You have met the woman of your dreams. It is only that she has children. The fact that a woman has children does not make her any less attractive. Yes, she has responsibilities, don’t we all? It is admirable that you find her attractive and want to be with her. Dating a white woman with children should not be hard if you always remember her responsibilities and understand her.

    Things to do when dating a white woman with children

    Acknowledge her children come first

    It is not a competition, it is priority. A woman with children will always find herself having to face one crisis after another. It is not always this way. Sometimes it is just Murphy’s Law. It will pass. Children do not always fall sick; neither do they always throw a tantrum when she is going on a date with you. Be patient, it will pass. Remember, if she really likes you, she will always try to find time to be with you.

    Let her handle the children

    So you have established a relationship with her and the children. That is good. She needs the support. What she does not need is you disciplining the children. Do not give her reason to make a choice between you and the children. If you have concerns about the children, raise it with her in private. Do not give the children a reason to think you are against them. They will understand a reprimand from their mother, not you.

    Do not involve yourself with her issues with her ex

    She will have to keep in touch with her children’s father especially if he has a relationship with his children. Do not talk ill of him in front of the kids or her. She is allowed to talk bad of him to you. All you can do is offer her comfort, if possible, without words. Assure her all will be well without having to pick sides.

    Do not plan when to have sex

    The beauty of dating a white woman with children is sex can be at any time. It could be her children had an unplanned sleepover at their dad’s place. This is the one time she can totally relax with you. Change your plans to accommodate her free night.

    Allow your relationship to progress slowly

    It is easy to be taken up by the relationship in the heat of the moment. There are children involved and you do not want to confuse them by moving in together only to break up just when the kids have grown attached to you. Remember this is more than emotional feelings. You wouldn’t want to get kids to look at you as a father figure only for you to abandon them just as their father did.

    Be more than a physical support

    A single white mother has a lot of pressure in life. Her children not only need her to provide for their physical needs but their emotional needs as well. It can be draining. She will need to feel like she matters to someone. Someone she can cry and talk with when it gets overwhelming.

    How to handle conflicts when dating a white woman with children

    Do not argue in front of the children

    She may forgive what you say out of anger, her children may not. If you really want a relationship with her, remember her children are part of the package. Respect her at all times because her children will not condone a man who disrespects their mother, not matter their age. They are protective of her and if they feel they cannot trust you, it will strain relations between you and their mother.

    Discuss with her how to handle conflicts with the children

    Find out her thoughts on how you should handle cases of disrespect from her children. Follow her lead. It is important to be on the same page with her regarding the discipline of the children.

    Benefits of dating a white woman with children

    She is focused and has her priorities

    Dating a single white mother means she knows the challenges in life and will be able to understand your hurdles in life easily. She knows what it means to budget and sticking to it. You will be dealing with a mature woman despite her age.

    Ready-made family

    Some people think dating a white mother with children is a burden because you need to accept her and her children. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It could be beautiful if you get to know the joy children bring to our lives. You could learn a thing or two from children about life. In no time, you will become attached to her children you wouldn’t imagine your life without them.

    Life is unpredictable

    Dating a single mother can be fun since it is not predictable. Things are always happening in her life, some good, some not too good. This rollercoaster is what makes dating a white woman with children fun.

    Dating a white woman with children may be different from dating a woman without children, but it does not make it any less important. Love can grow between you and a single mother enough for the two of you to create a beautiful family with her and her children. Love is a beautiful thing. It should not matter with whom you find it. It is important to embrace this relationship with a woman who makes you happy.

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